Getting back into the swing of things

Now the Summer break is drawing to an end, we have a brand new year of Bigmouth to look forward to. This means it’s time to dust off those rusty pipes and get singing again!

While we’d love to think everybody has remained diligent in their personal practice of singing, we know the allure of the sun and sand too well and we know that for many of us, Summer just isn’t the time to sing.

We’re also expecting a whole host of new faces in the choir, and while many of them will be trying choir for the first time, for others, this is a return to the discipline after time away, even years.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away, or if you’ve never sung before. All that matters is you’re here now.

This means we’ve got a little time to warm up our voices before we jump back into things. It’s important that you remain conscious that your voice has been resting and we’re about to expect a lot from it. Take things slow, it’s okay to test things out before you open the throttle and really go for it.

If you’re not sure how to warm up your voice properly, don’t worry – you will soon. What matters is that you don’t cause yourself damage trying to push your voice beyond where it’s ready.

Singing itself is a lot like exercise. You wouldn’t try to pick up the biggest weight in the gym without building up to it, and you wouldn’t commit to a marathon without going for a few runs first. As you learn to sing, you will build muscle to support your voice and in time, your voice will blossom. It’s then you will really get to strut your stuff, and you will do it with the confidence and safety of having been trained properly.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the year, when we get to see old friends and meet a whole load of new people with whom we can share our singing journey with.

Bigmouth Chorus will be back on the Tuesday 10th September, 7:30pm, at The Walpole Bay Hotel, for new and returning singers.