We’ve been listening…thanks, everyone!

We like to ensure that all our members and audiences alike enjoy their experience with en Choir to no end; this is why we encourage reviews on our Facebook page. We thought it was high time you knew for certain that we do listen: we were given the feedback that more people liked sheet music, if not to read then to at least be able to follow the pattern of the notes. Sheet music is now available for nearly all of the songs we sing. In addition, we were told by several that there were certain pieces of our repertoire that just weren’t that popular; so, to alleviate the possibility of this happening, we set up an online vote so that the choir members could pick which songs they wanted to learn so this year we are singing those songs with the highest votes. It would be impossible to pick an entire repertoire that absolutely everyone like but we’ll try to come as close as we can! In return for us acting upon your feedback, we have had reviews from several past and current members to say “what fun and how joyous singing in a choir is!” and that BIGMOUTH Chorus is a “great group of people who just like to sing with brilliant leadership” where you can have “fun while learning all the time” and even that it is “always uplifting” and “good medicine”. Thank you everyone for your feedback, keep it coming! Does BIGMOUTH Chorus sound like a fun pastime you’d like to try? Come down for a free trial rehearsal Tuesday 17th April or contact us with any queries.