Some Like it Hot – Singing in the Summer

Summer is definitely on the horizon, and with that comes the heat. While it may be great for relaxing by the beach, the heat can actually throw a spanner in the works when it comes to singing. Heat can dry your throat out, pollen counts are super high and we have plenty of opportunities to shout during the summer months. Of course, there’s plenty you can do to battle the heat and emerge in cooler seasons with your voice intact.

1. Get plenty of water

I know, I know, we always recommend water but we’re serious. Water keeps your vocal cords moving properly, helps lubricate them and helps wash away irritants. There’s almost nothing better you can do for your voice than making sure you drink plenty of water.

2. Avoid air conditioning

Obviously, we don’t want you to roast but be conscious about your air conditioning usage. Most air conditioning removes moisture from the air, and that includes from inside your throat. Obviously, drinking plenty of water helps but if you notice a scratchy throat developing, a personal humidifier can help, or over the counter cough medicine (though this can also dry your throat out).

Air conditioning can also circulate dust in the air, so if you have a dust allergy, summer is the time to keep things clean.

3. Don’t avoid practice

We get it, summer is the fun season with loads to do but practice is important. Sticking to your schedule helps you get used to performing vocal exercise under different conditions and keeps your vocal cords limber.

Keep in mind, the heat can make us irritable, so if you’re not hitting a song the way you know you can, try to keep your cool (pun intended).

4. Dress for the weather

Some of us like to dress up a little for singing, after all it’s a special occasion, but it’s important not to overdo it. It’s always worth dressing for the weather, wearing comfortable clothes above high fashion.

Cotton and light fabrics breath and help stop overheating, which can be a real issue for singers. We’ve spoken before about how singing is a form of cardio exercise, which means it can work up a sweat, even when the weather isn’t roasting.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Zebra finches have been proven to sing to their unhatched eggs to let them know the weather is hot, and if that doesn’t brighten your day, we’re not sure what will.