Keep the Summer going!

We’ve had our first proper bit of autumn rain now, which means the summer sun is soon to be a memory. Once the sun goes, most peoples moods go with it. The sun gives us much needed energy, and we’re at our most sociable during the long summer days – at the beach, seeing friends – and this also gives us that extra pep.
With Autumn and Winter now looming, most people expect to feel a little less than their regular selves. More nights in alone, less new experiences, fewer people. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? But all hope is not lost! Fortunately, there is a way to bump your mood up, maintain that positive human contact, and keep you smiling until the sun comes back.
We’ve spoken a few times about how singing brings happiness. Much like songbirds, the human brain comes to life when we sing, firing off endorphins, our happy chemical, but much like songbirds, this effect is much greater when we sing in a group. Activities like Karaoke naturally increase confidence but it is choral singing that has the biggest effect. In fact, a 2008 Australian study, this paper by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre, found that choral singers rated their satisfaction with life significantly higher than the general population.
We’re also mentioned before the increase of oxygen in the blood that comes with proper singing technique. This also leads to a reduction in stress and better circulation. In turn, this leads to a better mod as your body can run at greater efficiency, being properly fuelled.
Of course, there are ways that the sunny weather improves your mood that singing can’t replicate. Singing won’t help to create vitamin D, for example, but it will remind your body that it’s important. A study indicated that singers were in particular need of vitamin D. As your body begins to require more, you will find yourself craving certain foods, such as fish, which contains a plentiful supply of the vitamin, especially as realise when these nutrients are needed.
Singing isn’t a perfect replacement for the summer sun, but there are certainly overlapping benefits. At this time of year, when we’re right on the cusp of change, starting these positive hobbies is an important part of self-care. Of course, even if you’re not prone to a lower mood in the darker months, there’s plenty of other benefits to singing.